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About Semi-Veggie Jessie October 17, 2010


         Hey, I’m Jessie.  I’m a music teacher by day, which means I get to spend my time from 7AM-3PM listening to cute kids playing squeaky violins.  After 3PM, I get to come home to my wonderful fiance, J., and our little baby: Stewie the dachshund puppy.  I love to cook and J. loves to eat, so we’re equally fond of each other’s habits.  J.’s a vegetarian, and Stewie’s a hot-dog, but somehow it all works out.  I, of course, cater to both.    I decided to start a food blog after realizing that I needed an outlet for my cooking obsessions.  Plus, people in real life don’t seem to get as excited as I do about the difference between sea salt and table salt.  Sea salt, wow! Right?? Ok, fine. I’m not a vegetarian, but I like to eat healthy food and cooking without meat makes me eat my veggies.  All recipes on Semi-Veggie Jessie will be vegetarian, but go ahead and add chicken or Spam or beef jerky to any recipe if you want.  I promise, I won’t tell.  Well… maybe don’t add Spam.  That stuff’s gross.  


One Response to “About Semi-Veggie Jessie”

  1. Taryn Says:

    Listen to the girl, even on the other side of the world…. spam is definitely not on….. that stuff really is GROSS.

    Miss you like potato misses pie!


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